HSP60: Database IDs

IHC staining of human colon cancer, 1:100,000, using Anti-Hsp60 (clone: LK1)
Table 1 summarizes the most relevant database IDs of one of the major isoforms of Hsp60 (HspD1).

Table 2 provides an overview of UniProt and Gene IDs of various pro- and eukaryotic HSP60s.

Table 1: Human and mouse orthologs of Hsp60 (HspD1)

Human Mouse
Entrez Gene  3329  15510
Ensembl  ENSG00000144381  ENSMUSG00000025980
UniProt  P10809  P63038
Reference sequence (mRNA)  AF143723.1  NM_010477.4
Reference sequence (Protein)  NP_002147.2  NP_034607.3
Gene locus Chr 2: 197,486,581-197,516,737  Chr 1: 55,077,835-55,088,243
Pfam PF00118  PF00118